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Diagram is backed by a unique combination of entrepreneurs and industry leaders. Together they provide market insights and create opportunities to accelerate the success of our companies

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Diagram creates from scratch technology companies in financial services, insurance, and healthcare. We do this by partnering with world-class founders, providing capital investment, hands-on support, and access to a deep ecosystem of partners

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Francois Lafortune

Paul Desmarais III

Dan Robichaud

Guillaume Marion

Frederic Latreille

Amélie Foz-Couture

Pierre Donaldson

Hamnett Hill

Mike Cegelski

Jeremy Vocino-Montpetit

Imran Gibbons

Maeghan Smulders

Nancy Arruda

Antoine Landriault-Arbour

Julie Zhu

Sarah Caraman

Philippe Rich

Benjamin Saltiel

Hemanth Soni

Julien Miller


Diagram Insights

News and perspective from our network of builders transforming industries

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StreamingFast (formerly DFuse) Receives US $60M Grant

StreamingFast (formerly DFuse) Receives US $60M Grant

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ClearEstate Announced US Launch and C$2.5M Round

ClearEstate Announced US Launch and C$2.5M Round

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