Maxime Boissonneault

Partner & VP – GSOFT

Maxime Boissonneault is an angel investor, seasoned entrepreneur and a co-founding partner of GSoft, a Montreal-based software company founded in 2006. With clients in 150+ countries, GSoft reaches over $80M in recurrent annual revenue. Maxime also works as the VP of sales for the company’s home-run product, Sharegate – an acclaimed cloud management tool – where he successfully increased the monthly recurring revenue from $150K to $3.8M. Maxime is also co-founder of Officevibe, the company’s employee engagement platform that empowers managers around the globe to become better leaders.

On his spare time, he is an active philanthropist who participates in and sits on the board of numerous charities. GFund, Maxime’s newest venture, will invest in startups whose missions align with GSoft’s steadfast vision to revolutionize the future of work.