Who we are

Diagram co-founds companies that pursue big ideas in the financial and insurance sectors. As a leading venture builder, Diagram offers founders a unique platform to launch a business, scale it, and pursue global success.

We are able to do this because of the people we work with. At Diagram, we believe in the power of people and that’s why we’ve built a worldclass team to support our entrepreneurs, an extensive backers network to partner and invest in our companies, and a talent network that ensures we are always hiring the best people to help our founders scale.

We have a world-class team of experienced entrepreneurs, investors and operators who work side-by-side with our founders every day. They are in the trenches helping our entrepreneurs with everything from financial statements and modeling, to human resources, to strategy, and even operational advice.

The Diagram network of backers is made up of institutional investors and angels from around the globe who are there to help make introductions, be first clients and find investors for our companies. Thanks to them we have a track record of our companies signing major partners within a few months of operation.

We have a dedicated talent team that helps our companies recruit and hire top talent to help them scale their businesses. Great businesses are only built with great people and we work very hard to help you find the best.

These three networks are what makes up Diagram and what is ensuring that our companies are propelled forward and achieve global success.

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