Venture Building

Together with experienced entrepreneurs, we create innovative businesses that are vetted by a network of industry leaders.

Unlike traditional VCs, we co-found and finance the early stages of their business, then work side by side with them to speed their path to first customers and secure additional funding while offering them best-in-class services that accelerate their growth and allow them to focus on what they love.

Who we’re looking for

You are a proven entrepreneur or technologist itching to launch your next venture.

  • You are a serial entrepreneur or proven technologist with a track record of success;
  • You are passionate and have a strong understanding of insurance or financial technology;
  • You have a few ideas and feel that developing them further with Diagram could lead to something great;

You have a bold idea for disruption in insurance or financial technology and have an existing team.

  • You can demonstrate a large market that is ripe for disruption and have a clear plan of attack;
  • You feel Diagram can substantially impact the trajectory of your venture and are able to articulate why;
  • You are early in the process, looking for pre-seed or seed funding;

Our Method

First, our Innovation team led by Amélie Foz-Couture, leverages our powerful network to source big ideas within the FinTech, InsurTech, and HealthTech spaces. They then begin researching the ideas, the competitors, potential customers, etc. Once an idea has moved past this stage they begin to validate them more concretely within the market.

Next, we take the most promising ideas and match them with experienced entrepreneurs and together, we co-found the business. However, the entrepreneurs take the helm and receive the vast majority of the equity of the company.

Initial Capital
We then provide the company with significant start-up capital at attractive terms. Doing so means that the founders don’t need to spend their first 6-12 months burning through their own cash or searching for investment. The team can focus on building their business instead of worrying about funds.

We work alongside the team for the next 18-24 months, speeding the path to their first customers through our network, creating partnership opportunities, opening doors in new markets, helping to land key hires, and providing access to our expanded network of experts and mentors.

We also offer acceleration services which include support in Finance, Accounting & Recruiting at a fraction of the cost of doing it on their own. This helps the team focus on the parts of starting a business they love and that create the most value, like talking to customers or perfecting their product.

As the company grows, we open doors at the highest levels to industry players around the world, helping our Co-Founders go from early product market fit to the rapid growth phase, much faster than if they were doing it on their own. Our companies have all had a first major client signed within their first few months of operation.

Finally, when it is time to raise additional financing to accelerate growth, we make introductions into our global network of investors to make that financing as successful and speedy as possible. Doing so, once again, allows our Founders to focus on doing what they love instead of spending 12 month focused on fundraising.

All of this together ensures that the businesses we are launching have much less risk, become global successes, and are able to generate a positive impact on Canada and the world.

Build with us