Wingocard is on a mission to empower teens and young adults to become financially savvy early on in their lives.

We believe in providing today’s youth with a knowledge and understanding of personal finances which will have a positive impact on their financial future. When it comes to teens, we see an opportunity to help them grow and become fiscally responsible.

Our solution is a collaborative banking app which is linked to a Visa debit card. Teens will have access to the cashless economy without requiring the use of their parent’s credit card. The wingocard app allows parents to transfer spending money to their teens while monitoring their purchases.

Teens can shop anywhere using their Visa debit card or directly from their smartphone. The wingocard app enables parents to help their teens set savings goals, understand spending patterns and learn about personal finance. Essentially, we use personal life experiences to help teens develop healthy financial habits.

Wingocard is a fully remote company founded by a team of passionate entrepreneurs with a deep knowledge of product, technology, user acquisition, and parenting.

Sebastien Brault, CEO
Mehdi Mehni, Head of Product
Salvatore D’Agostino, CTO