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Who we're looking for

You have a bold idea for disruption in insurance or financial technology and have an existing team.
  1. You can demonstrate a large market that is ripe for disruption and have a clear plan of attack;
  2. You feel Diagram can substantially impact the trajectory of your venture and are able to articulate why;
  3. You are early in the process, looking for pre-seed or seed funding;
  4. Your team is based in Montreal or Toronto or willing to relocate there.
You are a proven entrepreneur or technologist itching to launch your next venture.
  1. You are a serial entrepreneur or proven technologist with a track record of success;
  2. You are passionate and have a strong understanding of insurance or financial technology;
  3. You have a few ideas and feel that developing them further with Diagram could lead to something great;
  4. You are based in Montreal or Toronto.
"The opportunities for the FinTech and insurance sectors in Canada are enormous. We have incredible depth and talent here but don’t always provide the means and resources necessary to build large businesses. Diagram’s purpose is to fix that by bringing not just capital but the right infrastructure and people together to create the next Canadian-based global leaders of the future in the FinTech sector."
Paul Desmarais III
Senior Vice President, Power Financial Corporation

What founders can expect

We commit to working on 1 or 2 new ventures per year.
We are highly selective as we only commit to working on 1 or 2 new ventures per year. This should not prevent you from reaching out to us, but the nature of our model is such that we will not be able to support all the good ideas or teams that come our way.
We have a rigorous selection process.
We look for, amongst other things: alignment of vision and values, quality of idea and of team (or individual), and ability for us to bring a competitive advantage.
As an Entrepreneur in Residence, we'll work with you to launch your venture.
Once you become an Entrepreneur in Residence with Diagram, we will work together to flesh out a number of variations of your or our idea. We follow a lean startup approach and highly iterative model to quickly test hypotheses and de-risk the model. We have funds allocated solely to this stage in the initial phase of the venture creation.
We launch each venture with a founding team and solid plan.
A new venture gets formally launched once all of the co-founders are onboard and we have a solid plan and strong conviction behind the idea. The business gets funding and officially joins the Diagram family.
Founders and employees own the majority of their ventures.
We take a co-founder stake in each venture but the vast majority of founders shares are owned by founders and employees of each venture. We are highly founder friendly, which is a core part of our value proposition.

With you at every step of the way

Seed Investment
Large seed investment giving the runway and focus that you need to build great companies.
Hands-On Support
We deploy the Diagram Foundry team to support you in the early stage of your venture in areas including: recruiting, accounting, finance, marketing, and PR.
Strategic Partnership
Our close association with Portag3 Ventures gives you a built-in strategic advantage and dramatically accelerates the time to market.
Founder Friendly
Maintain control of your venture with the vast majority of equity allocated to founders and employees.
Supporting several ventures in adjacent space provides you with unique opportunities for collaboration, both within Diagram’s portfolio and with Portag3 Ventures' companies.
Follow On Funding
We invest early but continue to work hard to help you get in a position to raise strong follow-on investments through our strong ecosystem of partners and investors.
Real Estate
Two physical, turnkey locations in Montreal and Toronto to jump start the launch of your venture and allow you to focus on building your company.
50+ world-class advisors and investors committed to supporting your venture with their expertise, mentorship, and access to their network.

The extraordinary people we're working with.

"Diagram helps us directly in our business – they are close enough to understand our operations, yet completely supportive of our strategic direction. As an added bonus, we can consult with anyone from their hugely impressive and diverse group of investors. They have given us access into highest level of the Canadian business community."
Cherif Habib
CEO & Co-Founder, Dialogue
"Diagram is the best partner a startup could hope for. Access to capital, partnerships, talent and top-tier advisors. Diagram has allowed us to play in the major leagues from the very start."
Elijah Moore
CEO & Co-Founder, Collage
Breathe Life
Head of Growth
Head of Product
Head of Engineering
"Diagram is an invaluable partner. Day after day, the value they bring is proven ten times over. With their help, we’ve accelerated our business faster than we could have ever imagined."
Ian Jeffrey
CEO & Co-Founder, Breathe Life