Venture Building

Together with experienced entrepreneurs, we create innovative businesses that are vetted by a network of industry leaders.

Who we’re looking for

You are a proven entrepreneur or technologist itching to launch your next venture.

  • You are a proven entrepreneur with a track record of attracting talent and capital
  • You are passionate about having an impact

You have a bold idea for disruption in insurance or financial technology and have an existing team.

  • You can demonstrate a large market that is ripe for disruption and have a clear plan of attack
  • You are early in the process, looking for pre-seed or seed funding

Our Method

Our Innovation team sources ideas from our broader ecosystem and spends months defining and de-risking them.

We join forces with experienced Founders to launch and begin building a product and business. We work together until the first round of funding is raised.

Initial Capital
We provide significant start-up capital at attractive terms. Doing so means that the founders spend their first 6-12 months focused on building their business.

We work alongside you for the next 18-24 months, speeding the path to their first customers, creating partnership opportunities, and opening doors in new markets.

Our acceleration services include support in Finance, Accounting & Recruiting at a fraction of the cost of doing it on their own.

As the company grows, we open doors to industry players around the world, helping our Co-Founders go from early product market fit to the rapid growth phase significantly faster.

Finally, when it is time to raise additional financing, we make introductions into our global network of investors.

All of this together ensures that the businesses we are launching have much less risk, become global successes, and are able to generate a positive impact on Canada and the world.

Build with us